Nordic Access

Match made in Nordics

Nordic Access is a service that connects HealthTech and MedTech companies with testing actors across the Nordics. The Nordic Access Board evaluates participating companies' solutions and directs them towards suitable testing partners across all the Nordics. After the evaluation process the companies are handed a Testing Readiness Report Card, which helps them to open discussions with the suggested testing partners.

The Nordic Access process helps companies find right testing partners faster and makes it easier to initiate negotiations. For testing partners, the Nordic Access board offers qualified customers and relieves the pain of onboarding.

Nordic Access board and the process is currently being developped by the City of Aarhus Denmark, Region Västerbotten Sweden and Arnora Oy Finland and it will be introduced commercially in the spring 2024.  The development project is partially financed by Nordic Innovation. During the development phase, the Nordic Access service is free of charge to all interested companies. 

To whom the Nordic Access is intended?

The service is specifically designed for HealthTech and MedTech companies who are interested in testing and piloting their products in the Nordic region. Participating in Nordic Access Board is particularly relevant for companies that have recently launched or are planning to launch new products or services and are looking for opportunities to ensure their suitability within the Nordic healthcare environments. The service is open to all companies regardless of size and country of origin.

Nordic Access Board

Our board analyses companies needs and suggest suitable testing partners from across Nordics.

Why to Participate?

Participating in Nordic Access Board will help HealthTech and MedTech companies to clarify and communicate their testing needs, goals and options in a fashion that is understandable for the test actors. 

During the Board meeting the company will get immediate feedback from both business and testing experts as well as will have a chance to directly speak to municipality partners from both Denmark and Sweden. In the Testing Readiness Report Card created after the Nordic Access Board meeting the participating company will get suggestions of suitable testing partners from several Nordic countries. The Board will suggest suitable testing partners from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. 

With Nordic Access the companies will have a chance to connect, network, and showcase innovations to the key health sector players in the Nordics. Testing Readiness Report Card speeds up the co-operation with test actors and makes it easier for them to give the companies quotations about the testing activities.

Nordic Access  Partners

Some of the companies who have already participated