Your Companion in Growth

Expertise Through Experience

Arnora is an expert in technology and business. We are your partner in development when you value reliability, flexibility, co-operation and a caring attitude. Arnora is present in growing and financing new innovations towards international success and is involved in the development of our customers' businesses. We specialize in challenging business problems as well as public sector development projects. In the field of health technology, we catalyze cooperation between companies and testing actors.

Nurturing Innovations
To Success

You bring in the innovation, we facilitate your operations from productisation to segmentation and contacts to go-to-market. Arnora offers preseed financing and an array of widely approved services that guide our customer companies forwards on their path to growth and international success.

Discovering New

Business and project plans as well as the development of business models, processies, sales and marketing form the very essence of our doing. Arnora has specialized in challenging business cases and public development projects especially in the field of high tech and ICT.

Getting it
tried and tested

Bringing together companies and suitable health sector testbeds and living labs. Arnora is the catalyst and interpreter who speaks both Business and Doctor -languages. We thrive in tackling pricing issues and finding required financing.

Our business expertise strengthens our customers' chances of commercial success with technologies, products and services.