Welfare and Remote Presence -project

The Welfare and Remote Presence -project supports the elderly living at home


In the Welfare and Remote Presence -project, new service products and service methods were developed in cooperation with technology actors and participating companies from the home care and nursing home sector. Goal was to support the independent living of the elderly, the mentally ill and people with reduced mobility.

Arnora Oy acted as coordinator in the Welfare and Remote Presence -project, which started in autumn 2020 and ended in summer 2021. Three home care companies operating in the South Karelia region participated in the company group project. The aim of the project was to develop the companies' own operations and competitiveness, to improve the companies' ability to meet the care needs of the growing elderly population, to develop new service solutions for remote presence and monitoring, and to prepare for possible future waves of Covid19 virus.

The project focused on developing the remote services of the participating care companies, but the new services will primarily benefit the elderly living in the home and nursing homes as well as their relatives. The key areas of the work included enabling the monitoring of the lives of the elderly and the cost-effective implementation of remote video connections as part of the service provision of care companies in the SME sector. Practical experiments were also carried out over remote connections to make guided and community welfare services available to the elderly. The cornerstone of all the solutions was to protect privacy.

Vesratio Oy, a Finnish company specializing in remote services for homes, home care and nursing homes, was responsible for delivering the technological solutions for the piloting implemented in the project. To support the adoption of the new services, Vesratio's experts helped and guided the participating healthcare companies in the trial and deployment of remote services. The care companies that participated in the project's activities gained experience and insight into the implementation of telemedicine services and their integration into their own service offerings.

The EU has supported the implementation of the Welfare and Remote Presence -project through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Rural Development Program for Mainland Finland 2014-2020.

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