HealthTech Webinar

HealthTech in Västerbotten and South-Eastern Finland

The webinar is intended for everybody interested in HealthTech and MedTech businesses in Finland and Sweden. The content is especially targeted to companies as well as healthcare and innovation support actors. Participants will be briefed about the markets in both countries and get to know companies operating in the target areas.

This free webinar is arrange by Arnora, Region Västerbotten and Livsmedicin. Welcome!

Date: 12.1.2021

Time: 13.00 - 14.20 UTC+2 (FI)
12.00 - 13.20 UTC+1 (SW)


Webinar Agenda

Intro: Västerbotten region & Västerbotten Health Innovation Development Office
Nils Sandberg, strategist, EU project office, Region Västerbotten

Intro: Arnora Oy Facilitating Innovation and Testbed services
Jukka Niiranen, senior consultant, founder

The market in Sweden and Västerbotten
Tomas Gustafsson, Innovation Strategist Healthcare, Region Västerbotten

The market in Finland and South-Eastern Finland
Antti Pellinen, member of Finnish Business Angel Association, senior consultant, Arnora.

HealthTech and MedTech company pitches

  • Henkaus Oy, Remote breathing and heart rate measuring

  • Probits AB, Health and balance in life

  • Vesratio Oy, Unobtrusive monitoring of the wellbeing of the elderly living at home

  • Masano Health AB, Digital rehab

  • Confienta Oy, Wrist wearable mobile safety phone

  • Trients AB, neonatal nutrition software

  • Rehaboo Oy, The game that gets you moving

  • WhiteBox AB, Automatic UV Disinfection

Testbed Services in Finland
Kaisa Pesonen, South-Karelian Health District Eksote, ELSA-Testbed

Testbed Services in Sweden
Anna Nordström, Prof. Med. Doc. Testbed Life Medicine, Region Västerbotten

Final words, Q&A, feedback and next steps

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