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  • Next Windows obsolescence panic is 450 days from ? NOW!

    The clock is ticking louder for Windows Server 2003 R2 users

    With the not-quite-panic over the end of support for Windows XP behind us, you'd think it's a time to chill out for a bit.?

  • LOHAN and the amazing technicolor spaceplane

    Our Vulture 2 livery is wrapped, and it's les noix du mutt

    Picture special Cue the traditional portentous drumroll and fanfare of trumpets as we reveal today the finished livery of our Vulture 2 spaceplane ? a provocative combination of paint job and vinyl wrap which is, frankly, the mutt's nuts.?

  • R.I.P. LADEE: Probe smashes into lunar surface at 3,600mph

    Swan dive signs off successful science mission

    Pics NASA has confirmed that the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) spacecraft, which has spent the last 100 days orbiting the Moon, has shuffled off its mortal coil in a spectacular swan dive into the lunar regolith between 9:30pm and 10:22pm PDT on Thursday.?

  • Judge halts spread of zombie Nortel patents to Texas in Google trial

    Epic Rockstar patent war to be waged in California

    Google has won a victory in its battle against patent troll Rockstar, with a US District Court judge having denied Rockstar's request to try the case in the troll-friendly Eastern District of Texas, rather than in California.?

  • Record labels sue Pandora over vintage song royalties

    Companies want payout on recordings made before 1972

    Online radio service Pandora is being sued by a group of record labels seeking payout for songs released more than four decades ago.?

  • True optical zoom coming to HTC smartphone cameras

    Time to ditch that heavy DSLR? Maybe in a year, year and a half

    An HTC spokesman says that smartphone camera technology is advancing at such a rate that it may soon catch up to "real" cameras in one critical feature that separates pro shooters from snap shooters: optical zoom.?

  • Google lets wannabe Glass Explorers ADMIRE THEMSELVES in their own mirrors

    At-home trial offers fashionistas an eyeful of broken Glass

    Interested in Google Glass but worried that you'll look like a dork wearing it? The Chocolate Factory is testing out a new pilot program to help ease your mind.?

  • Liftoff! SpaceX Falcon 9 lifts Dragon on third resupply mission to ISS

    SpaceX snaps smartly into one-second launch window

    Elon Musk should be a happy camper, as it appears that his orbital delivery firm SpaceX has pulled off a successful launch of its third resupply mission to the International Space Station.?

  • Leaked photos may indicate slimmer next-generation iPad

    Will iPad Air evolve into iPad Helium?

    Photos have surfaced that purport to show Apple's next iPad having a bonded LCD and front-panel glass display, allowing it to be even thinner than the current 7.5mm (0.29-inch) thick iPad Air ? or perhaps the same thickness, but with a larger battery.?

  • Reddit users discover iOS malware threat

    'Unflod Baby Panda' looks to snatch Apple IDs

    Users on a mobile phone hacking subreddit are being credited with the discovery of a malware infection targeting iOS users.?