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  • NASA's New Horizon probe rudely fires its thruster at gnome planet

    She's in the pipe, five by five

    NASA's New Horizons space probe has fired its thrusters for the last time to get it into position before it buzzes Pluto on July 14. The little science lab has also detected evidence of methane on the halfling planet.?

  • California's physical hacking mystery sparks FBI investigation

    Chopping up cables is one way of stopping mass surveillance

    The FBI is investigating a series of physical attacks on internet cables in California, and revealed that at least eleven have taken place in San Francisco's Bay Area within the last year.?

  • Server guys: Are you running fewer than 200 virtual machines?

    Hyperconverged systems will reduce your technical debt

    Mid-sized companies can reduce technical debt and free up IT budgets by switching to hyperconverged infrastructure systems (HCIS) in their next data centre refresh.?

  • Microsoft rushes out latest Windows 10 build. 300 fixes? Pff, whatever

    'Interesting change' seems to mean 'baked-in silliness'

    Just one day after releasing Build 10158 of Windows 10 to its Insider "fast ring", Microsoft has replaced it with Build 10159.?

  • In your face, US citizens! Govt can?t save you from corporate eyes

    Tech firms evading ?basic limits on their ability to collect, monetise data?

    Alvaro Bedoya, the founding executive director of the Center on Privacy and Technology at Georgetown Law, has claimed that industry lobbying is shutting down Washington?s ability to protect privacy in the face of the commercial exploitation of consumers' data.?

  • It's all downhill from here: Avalanche spins STT-RAM

    With memory based on the orientation of electrons, scaling is clearly not an issue

    Startup Avalanche is sampling an STT-RAM chip offering DRAM/SRAM speed, persistent storage, unlimited endurance and scalability beyond 10nm.?

  • It's the hottest day of the year. So check out John Lewis' Xmas tech range!

    Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way...

    Pics It might be hard to believe that during the hottest week of the year so far, the great and the good of the PR world (is that an oxymoron?) are setting out their stalls with Christmas fare. Yet it?s not as daft as it sounds: the magazine world, in particular, needs to plan its spreads and this is a way for the great and the good of the press to get a glimpse of what?s coming.?

  • The blessing and the curse of Big Data

    It's what infrastructure is really for

    Sysadmin blog Companies more familiar with technology are more likely to use the reporting and analytics features of their software. This isn't something new, and it didn't start with computers. Computers make reporting and analytics easier, but every business needs hard data if they are to grow.?

  • Congratulations! You survived the leap secondocalypse

    Tweets mistimed, AWS outed, yet world somehow continues turning. Albeit more slowly

    The leap second did not break the internet, it wasn?t the second coming of the Y2K bug and nor did it challenge the world?s financial markets or make the Greek situation any worse.?

  • ?Clandestines' prompt British border blockade in France

    National Barrier Asset set to appear across the Channel

    Four kilometers of Blighty's National Barrier Asset ? a collection of temporary security barriers ? has been deployed to Coquelles, the location of the Channel Tunnel terminal in France, to provide additional border security to the UK.?