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  • Japan plans SEVEN satellite launches to supercharge GPS

    Quazi-Zenith Satellite System aims accuracy to within centimetres

    Japan is set to fire seven satellites into orbit over the coming years as part of plans to enhance GPS so locations can be pin-pointed to within centimetres rather than metres.?

  • AuDA starts final round of DNSSEC tests

    August go-live

    AuDA has taken a tentative step towards the introduction of DNSSEC into the Australian domain space, signing the .au domain in its production environment as the first step in a four-month test.?

  • APAC PC sales plummet 11 per cent after political upheaval

    Election time forces EIGHTH consecutive quarterly decline

    Global PC growth engine APAC suffered a record eighth consecutive quarterly decline in the first three months of 2014 thanks to political upheaval in the region and the continued popularity of smartphones and tablets, according to IDC.?

  • [NSFW] Pirate Bay's 10 millionth upload: Colour us shocked, a SMUT FLICK

    P2P badboys show online piracy is alive and humping

    NSFW The Pirate Bay has hit a historic milestone after celebrating its 10 millionth upload. However, the auspiciousness of the occasion was dampened slightly by the fact the content in question was a pirated copy of a smut film from the "Intimate Lesbians" series.?

  • Researchers slurp unencrypted Viber messaging data with ease

    Images, videos, location and other data easily exposed, they claim

    Popular Whatsapp-like messaging service Viber is exposing users to man-in-the-middle and other attacks because it isn?t encrypting various data at rest and in transit, security researchers have warned.?

  • Oz Ombudsman calls for wiretap oversight

    Sniffs at poison chalice

    With both political parties and most law enforcement agencies devoted to implementing more data retention in Australia's Internet, the Commonwealth Ombudsman has suggested it could have a role in overseeing such a regime.?

  • Boffins claim machines now beat humans at face-matching

    On the Internet, GaussianFace knows you're a dog

    A pair of Hong Kong researchers is claiming a first, developing software that can identify people from photographs better than humans can.?

  • Cisco: you're all malware hosts

    Security report also notes skills shortage

    Everybody ? at least every multinational that Cisco checked out for its 2014 Annual Security Report ? is hosting malware of some kind, and there aren't enough security professionals to go around.?

  • FCC might kill off net neutrality with new pay-for-speed rules ? report

    Financial fast track to replace level competitive playing field

    US Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler appears to have had a major change of heart when it comes to net neutrality, according to The Wall Street Journal.?

  • Cross-border kids used as Easter iPhone MULES in China

    HK schoolkids loaded up with handsets, sent back to Shenzhen

    Cross-border school kids as young as 10-years-old are being used as mules to smuggle iPhones and other electronic gadgetry from Hong Kong into China where they can be sold at a premium.?