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  • Will the PC glory days ever return, WD asks as its finances slip

    Disk units and revenues spin down as desktop market declines

    Are the glory days gone for good? Will the PC market ever come back? AS WD rues the damage that declining PC disk sales have done to its revenues, that?s a question that will be exercising its product strategists as they ponder its latest results.?

  • Chinese hackers behind OPM megabreach also pwned United Airlines

    Possibility of Beijing-sponsored triple hack makes industry sit-up, gulp, take notice

    United Airlines was hacked by same Chinese group that also breached health insurer Anthem and the US government?s Office of Personnel Management (OPM).?

  • French dating sites spanked for laissez faire data protection

    Data watchdog advises eager Gallic singles to say 'Non' to naked selfies

    French privacy watchdog CNIL has spanked 13 dating websites for abuses of data protection law.?

  • BT hands £129m back to UK.gov after beating rural broadband targets

    Super generous state monopoly? Fat chance ? it's in their contract

    Both BT and the Ministry of Fun ? or the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, if you prefer ? have spun BT?s toeing-the-line-of-a-contractual-obligation as unbridled generosity towards taxpayers.?

  • Strong ARM scoops up Sansa to boost IoT security

    Chipmaker adds Israeli company's bolt-on protection to its bulging armoured sack

    Chipmaker ARM has sealed a deal to buy Israeli Internet of Things (IoT) security specialist Sansa Security. Financial terms of the deal, announced Thursday, were not officially disclosed. However, the WSJ previously reported that around $75m-$85m was on the table.?

  • Edge: A well-presented browser apology from Microsoft

    Not perfect, but way better than IE and it gives Chrome the willies

    Review Microsoft Edge, the new web browser that comes with Windows 10 ? released on Wednesday ? isn't just a browser, it's a kind of atonement. Microsoft, it seems, wants to apologize not just for its recent Windows 8, but for the entirety of Internet Explorer. And, surprisingly, Edge turns out to be a great apology.?

  • And on that bombshell: Top Gear's Clarkson to reappear on Amazon

    Rejoice, petrolheads ? team of boring old men back to act like prats again

    Amazon Prime has signed up Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May for a car show intended to rival Top Gear on its streaming service.?

  • Feeding the XPoint cuckoo and finding it a place in the storage nest

    Intel/Micron tech looks to force its way into the memory storage spectrum

    XPoint memory is a spectrum-invading cuckoo. Spectrums are great ways to describe a range including different items with differing characteristics. Everyone gets used to the range, then something comes along and forces its way into the spectrum, making existing items shuffle up and down.?

  • Samsung fails to flog enough Galaxy S6s ? so mobe profits sink 60%

    Smartphone giant feeling mobe market saturation sqeeze, suffers after supply shortage

    Samsung Electronics posted an eight per cent fall in profits for its second quarter results, as sales of its Galaxy S6 failed to gain any traction.?

  • Download Fest goers were human guinea pigs in spy tech experiment, admit police

    Mass surveillance exercise didn't catch a single criminal

    Leicestershire Police has revealed the facial recognition technology it rolled out at Download Festival had no policing utility. Instead it was an experimental assessment opportunity, paid for ? and carried out for the sole benefit of ? software vendor NEC Corporation.?