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  • Sigfox IPO? Um, sure! 2017, 2018, whenever, we'll definitely do it

    Funding target missed, potential IPO date slips right

    Internet of Things connectivity outfit Sigfox has delayed its IPO plans by a year after falling ?50m short of its VC funding target.?

  • Team Trump snubs Big Internet oligarchs

    Economic forum shuns Zuck, Google, but finds seat for IBM

    Team Trump has announced the composition of the President's Strategic and Policy Forum ? and there's no place for internet oligarchs like Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Jeff Bozos or the world's fifth-richest man, Mark Zuckerberg.?

  • BlackBerry's final QWERTY floats past the rumour mill

    What took you so long?

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but what if BlackBerry had produced a smart, secure Android QWERTY in 2011, rather than waiting until 2017? A photo purporting to be BlackBerry?s final phone ? which happens to be a smart, secure Android QWERTY expected in Q1 next year, popped up at the weekend, inviting counterfactual histories.?

  • Citizens Advice slams BT's Openreach over 'unfair' compensation scheme

    Suppliers get automatic recompense, punters get nowt

    Consumer rights charity Citizens Advice has slammed BT's Openreach for being too slow to compensate customers.?

  • Watch your back, Netflix: Viu on track for 10 million subs next year

    iFlix, Viu flicks ? they're all coming for Netflix

    Analysis Hong Kong pay TV operator PCCW Media claims it has racked up 4 million active users on its OTT video service, Viu, after just one year of activity. An uptake of this pace presents Netflix, which recently made its belated entrance into South East Asia, with an almighty mountain to climb.?

  • DDN claims burst buffer bashes 'past 1TB/sec bandwidth'

    Japanese superdupercomputer kept fed with data by burst buffer beast

    This is a we-can-pee-up-the-wall-higher-than-anyone-else story ? one which we'd normally give a miss - only the numbers are past 1TB/sec ? head-scratchingly high.?

  • US election pollsters weren't (very) wrong ? statistically speaking

    Media open season on prediction number crunchers

    The media have spoken and they are unimpressed: the polls ? this time the US presidential polls ? got it woefully wrong, and therefore burn the witch! Or in the absence of witches, let's set fire to Nate Silver, who until around 2am (GMT) on November 9 was the doyen of US polling and go-to person for all US forecasts.?

  • What's in Hammond's box? Autumn fallout for Britain's tech SMBs

    Cash to update 'antiquated network infrastructure'

    The Government in its Autumn statement promised to invest £1bn on "digital infrastructure", an extra £2bn annually on UK R&D, and at least £400m on new venture capital funds through the British Business Bank, which it hopes will unlock a further £1bn in private finance for growing firms.?

  • Beardy Branson's space bird spreads its wings

    SpaceShipTwo passes first glide test since 2014 tragedy

    For the first time in more than two years, a Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo has been unclipped from its carrier.?

  • Guessing valid credit card numbers in six seconds? Priceless

    Brit researchers find a way to figure out VISA card numbers just by going shopping

    Fraudsters can guess credit card numbers in as little as six seconds per attempt thanks to security gaps in Visa's network, academics say.?