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  • The time on Microsoft Azure will be: Different by a second, everywhere

    Redmond's time-bending cloud adopts it own local leap-second answer

    Exclusive Servers running Microsoft?s cloud will be briefly out of sync with each other and official time standards on June 30, as they implement the leap second.?

  • NASA hands Boeing first commercial crew contract for SPAAAACE

    SpaceX likely to get second ISS crew contract later this year

    NASA is progressing towards what it describes as "returning America?s ability to launch crew missions to the International Space Station from the United States in 2017" by handing aerospace and defense contractor Boeing the first of its commercial crew rotation missions.?

  • Colour me bad: Kraken time or damp squid with Splatoon

    Water way to fight a war

    Game Theory Nintendo might be incapable of depicting any kind of violence in its games (beyond a fat plumber stamping on turtles), but that doesn't mean it can't do team warfare. Splatoon navigates the narrow path between too much violence and too little by furnishing its combatants with water pistols filled with coloured ink.?

  • Equinix moves into Europe by slurping up Telecity

    Interxion left weeping as UK firm is swept off by hunky US suitor

    Data centre outfit Equinix is enlarging its presence in Europe by gobbling up UK-based Telecity for £2.3bn, with the deal adding a further 39 European data centres to the US-based company's existing empire of 100.?

  • Softcat preps for IPO, closes in on brokers

    Credit Suisse, Jefferies tipped to run the process for reseller juggernaut

    Softcat is preparing the groundwork for its flotation on the London Stock Exchange with the market expected to value the tech reselling juggernaut at cool half a billion pounds.?

  • Germany licks lips, eyes new data gulp with revised retention law

    Wrong in 2006, 2010 and 2014, but it's now fine

    Once a fierce opponent of data retention, Germany?s back in slurping mode. The Federal Cabinet yesterday approved a new draft law that would force telcos to store call and email records for 10 weeks.?

  • High-flying LOHAN fan raises ale-filled tankard

    Glider pilot Martin Gregorie enjoys a quick spaceplane livener

    We like to take the opportunity this fine May morning to once again thank all of those who backed our Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) Kickstarter campaign, and in particular the discerning backers who opted for a tankard as a reward.?

  • Wearable fitness tech: Exercising your self-motivation skills

    Do health trackers really keep you in good shape?

    Breaking Fad Fitness trackers, sleep trackers and more are all the rage these days. How many of you have a Fitbit, Jawbone, or other device that?s intended to either incentivise or depress you by reminding you of how far you?ve walked, or how long you?ve been sat down? Apple?s Watch will even remind you to stand up from time to time, as long you?re not too heavily tattooed.?

  • DataCore conducts its SANsymphony a little more... allegro

    Update introduces SMART support and some Veeam va-va-voom

    DataCore has updated its virtual SAN SANsymphony product, adding OpenStack and Veeam support and making it go faster.?

  • EU reduces science cuts as Juncker finds ?500m down back of sofa

    Commission Prez hopes handful of dusty change will keep boffins happy

    Fears that European Union funding for scientific research would be drastically cut have been somewhat allayed.?