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  • 'This BITE MARK is a SMOKING GUN': Boffins investigate ancient assault

    Tooth embedded in thigh bone may tell who pulled the trigger

    Top brainboxes using advanced technology say they may have found a "smoking gun" in a bite mark inflicted during a long-ago battle between two mighty dinosaurs.?

  • Consumers agree to give up first-born child for free Wi-Fi ? survey

    This Herod network's ace ? but crap reception in bullrushes

    Consumers carelessly use public Wi-Fi without regard for their personal privacy, even blithely agreeing to surrender their first born in exchange for the opportunity to check their emails without paying.?

  • Gaming gasm UK: Rubbing shoulders with LEGENDS and newbies

    Game devs flock to Kickstarter

    EGX 2014 After a week of hitting ferrets with my new Gauntlet inflatable promotional chicken leg and dying far too often in multiplayer set on hard, it eventually occurs to me: "Lucy needs daylight". Admittedly, I wasn?t outdoors for long as my venture out of the house took me to EGX, formerly Eurogamer Expo and apparently the UK's biggest gaming event dedicated to the wonderful world of video games and gaming in general.?

  • Payment security vastly improved when you DON'T ENTER your BANK DETAILS

    Entering randomly generated ?tokens? makes it safer ? report

    Developments around "tokenisation" should help to ?instil confidence in a payments environment challenged by more frequent data breaches? and fraud, according to a report released by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.?

  • Into the compute era ...Your data centre for the next 25 years

    Join us in the Reg Studios today

    Register now to watch today's live webcast on optimising your IT for the next wave of converged infrastructure.?

  • Balls of destruction CRUSH your fancy new storage systems ... better get used to it

    Start planning for disruptive software upgrades

    Storagebod Has EMC started an unwelcome trend? I had a discussion about roadmaps with a vendor this week, and its reps talked about substantial upcoming changes to their architecture. My questioning, "but surely that?s not just a disruptive upgrade but destructive?" was met with an affirmative. Of course, like EMC's XtremIO upgrades, the update would not be compulsory, but probably an advisable installation.?

  • Alleged mobile spyware sellers cuffed in US

    Feds take StealthGenie offline pending trial

    Allegedly selling spyware has landed a Pakistani man in trouble with the Feds, with the FBI collaring 31-year-old Hammad Akbar from Lahore cuffed on Monday for flogging StealthGenie.?

  • Grooveshark caught in a net of its own making

    DMCA didn't protect staff uploads: judge

    Music streaming service Grooveshark has become the latest casualty of copyright law, courtesy of executives trying to boost its catalogue in its start-up days.?

  • FBI opens Malware Investigator portal to industry

    Agency trades malware samples for intel reports

    The Federal Bureau of Investigations has released a formerly in-house malware-analysing portal to help speed up incident responses and help industry and law enforcement with investigations.?

  • TEEN RAMPAGE: Kids in iPhone 6 'Will it bend' YouTube 'prank'

    iPhones bent in Norwich? As if the place wasn't weird enough

    Two teenagers have braved the wrath of Tim Cook after apparently sneaking into an Apple store and bending a number of iPhones, after which they uploaded the vid to YouTube, as you do.?